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Frank Shynnagh (Frederic Will)


The essay is a study of patterns and perspectives in the work of one person’s extensive writing career.
The author began as a classicist – Greek and Roman literature – and a poet, of stark lyrics. In a long subsequent career he has gone on to write a number of fictions – several novels and a collection of short stories – cultural history and philosophy, labor commentary – especially on trucking and farming, poetry of an increasingly acerb flavor, and enough autobiographies to satisfy a pantomimist. The essay that follows is a long look at this Odyssey of mental turns, as narrated by the favorite pseudonym, Frank Shynnagh, the Manx eponym of that doughty redbeard, the fox.

Keywords: autobiography, writing, self-reflection, irony, time, direction, language.

DOI 10.23683/2415-8852-2018-4-20-41

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